SRC 2017

The S.R.C is a student body comprising of 2 student class representatives from Years 2-6. They are elected by their peers. Stage 3 representatives are allocated a K-1 class and communicate SRC news. Students meet once a fortnight and discuss important issues and make decisions affecting our school, community and the world. While the SRC do raise funds for worthwhile causes, we would also like to be perceived as a body who instigate and inspire change, by thinking globally and acting locally.


The student representatives for 2017 for each class are:



SRC Leaders

Alex B, Madeline V

½ Silver

Lewis C, Isabella O

2 Red

Daniel B, Natalie B

2 Blue

Shyanne L, Aiden L

¾ Platinum

Natasha S, Robert T

¾ Silver

Jules C, Miriam G

¾ Bronze

Jaxson H, Alana J

¾ Gold

Tahlia L, Mitchell K

5 Red

Guy M, Sophie B

5 Blue

Nathan J, Aurora G

5/6 Gold

Laurence T, Tracey N

6 Red

Ashlee K, Braydon L

6 Blue

Connor W, Madeline H