Hammondville takes part in the Liverpool District debating competition. Debating is a stage 3 competition which takes place in term 2 and 3. We debate every three weeks against local schools involving interesting topics. Teams consist of three speakers and a reserve player who assists with the preparation of the arguments and assists with the rebuttals. Once a side has been allocated (affirmative or negative), the students are given an hour to prepare and then present their arguments to the adjudicator. At the conclusion of the debate, the adjudicate awards a winning team and selects an encouragement award for one of the speakers.


Our students train every week during and before school learning about the procedures of a debate. They learn how to prepare arguments, form team lines and learn how to work together as a team. There are also other important roles such as chairperson and timekeeper. Through debating, all students develop confidence and self esteem. Many of our previous members have continued debating into high school.


2017 Debating Team

Jasmine Bolger

Habib El Helu

Timothy Gauld

Nathan Julius

Ashlee Knott

Sasha Leggatt

Harry Lindbom

Mitchell Majanggil

Fraser McKeown

Cadance Smith-Miezskuc

Tiaan Vamarasi

Madeline Van Blerk


Year Result Debating Team
2017 n/a Jasmine Bolger, Habib El Helu, Timothy Gauld, Nathan Julius,
Ashlee Knott, Sasha Leggatt, Harry Lindbom, Mitchell Majanggil,
Fraser McKeown, Cadance Smith-Mieszkuc, Tiaan Vamarasi and Madeline Van Blerk
2016 Champions  
2015 Runners Up Sophie Campbell, Irin Chardcharoen, Sonakshi Gupta, Bradley Julius,
Kirby McCartney, Imogen Smith, Dylan Ung and Khensa Yousaf
2014 3rd  
2013 Runners Up  
2012 Runners Up