Green Room

Hay Stacks




At Hammondville Public School we take giant steps towards ensuring all students are aware of the positive environmental actions, they take as individuals and as a collective group. We do this through our additional programs.

We have the Golden Gnome award which is given to a class demonstrating environmental excellence.

The Hammondville chickens are used to collect their eggs and sell for use in our canteen. They also help with fertilising our crops. Our gardens provide produce which the students sell at Farm shop on Friday afternoon. The students harvest than sell the produce.

In the past we have had ducks, a goat,  and a guinea pig. Currently we have Budgies, Finches, guinea fowls, and chickens. We hope to get a rabbit and a turkey

The students are responsible for the day to day care of these animals. The animals have provided lots of opportunity for hands on learning and the opportunity to build responsibility and respect.

At Hammondville we have a Dreaming garden where students enjoy the tactile experiences the garden provides. This garden is a great place for a dreamtime story or two.

On Friday we have a gardening group who help maintain the school grounds and care for the gardens with the planting and harvesting of crops. They also design new and exciting gardens for their school.