Class KB

M Obstacle course fun!







Tri Skills

KB have great strength and co ordination. We all enjoyed the Tri skills program and certainly improved each week.






100 Days of Kindergarten

We used 100 cups to build this tower!




100 Ak




Welcome to KB!

We have had an exciting beginning to Kindergarten! It has been a delight getting to know each and every child. I consider them to be beautiful princesses and handsome princes. We have been learning so much about school, sounds, reading, numbers, fairytales, nursery rhymes, friendships and many more fun things. KB are also very lucky to have such kind buddies from 5HE. The relationships that are forming are so lovely to see and would make your heart melt! Enjoy a few photos of our awesome class!

Mrs Bruno


Congratulations to all Kindergarten students who participated in speeches. I was so impressed with the confidence the students were showing as well as clear voices and interesting topics. Well done!
Here is a picture of the Kindergarten finalists. Good luck to Natalie who will be competing against other Kindergarten students in the region and representing Hammondville P.S. next term!



Nursery rhyme day
 Nursery rhyme day

KB loved nursery rhyme day!                                 Brianna enjoyed nursery rhyme day too!


Nursery rhyme dayNursery rhyme day

Wee Wee Winkie loved his biscuit.                         Say 'Cheese' Miss Muffet!

Nursery rhyme dayJack and Jill

Yummy Humpty Dumpty biscuit!                           Our very Jack and Jill performers.


Conor is very busy making words!