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Welcome to KG's class webpage! Keep checking here to find pictures and documentation of the activities and learning we are doing in Kindergarten. Click on the link below to read what the children in KG think is 'The most important thing about school'. It's guaranteed to make you smile.

The most important thing (docx 110 KB)


In Term 4, we are looking at different types of celebrations. This week I asked KG some questions to find out what they already knew about Celebrations. Click on the link below to read their responses.

What is a celebration? ( 132 KB)


Excursion to the Farm

Our farm excursion was so exciting! We had a great day and all the Kindergarten students behaved beautifully! We especially liked the working dog show, the tractor ride and the camel. It was a huge day for us all - have a look at Byren and Khodi at the end of the day.




Congratulations to all KG students who participated in speeches. I was so impressed with the confidence the students were showing as well as clear voices and interesting topics. Well done!
A special congratulations to Natalie and Shyanne who went through to the finals. Good luck to Natalie who will be competing against other Kindergarten students in the region and representing Hammondville P.S. next term!





We celebrated NAIDOC day today with an amazing performance, art and music activities.








100 Days of Learning

It's come so quickly! Today, we celebrated 100 days of learning. We did lots of art and craft as well as 100 exercises. We wrote about what we would be doing when we're 100 years old and generated pictures of what we would look like as 100 year olds!

100 days100 days





Green & Gold Day

While Oli was away in Canada with the Matildas, we were closely following their progress. We held a 'green and gold' day at school and loved hearing all the 'behind the scenes' highlights in e-mails from Oli.

Green & Gold

Ceramic lesson with Brenda Stajcic

We were very lucky to have a special art lesson from Brenda Stajcic (Oliver's mum). She showed KG how to make pinch pots using clay and other materials like buttons, twigs, feathers. KG absolutely loved making pots and we will be sending them home once they have been fired in the kiln.






KG are thoroughly enjoying the Tri-Skills program. Ask your child to demonstrate the 'tuck' and 'star' shapes or how to do a 'motorbike' landing.

KyleTri SkillsTri SkillsTri SkillsTri SkillsTri Skills








Cross Country Carnival

Check out our Speedy Gonzales' as they race around the track. Well done KG for your excellent behaviour.  A special mention to Tiana who stopped running to help one of the Kindy students who had fallen over - that is being a great sport!



Kindergarten's Community Walk

We had a great time on our community walk, looking at all the sights around Hammondville. We saw shops, a church, a bus stop, a pre-school and enjoyed looking at the houses and gardens around Hammondville.

Community WalkCom walk


We thoroughly enjoyed 'Nursery Rhyme and Fairytale' Day today. We had a parade, performed in a 'reader's theatre', made some 'Hey Diddle Diddle' craft and delicious 'Humpty Dumpty' biscuits. We went traveling around an obstacle course and then relaxed with an ice block.

We're looking forward to our community walk next week as well as the Easter Hat Parade on Thursday 2nd April.



JaceCalebKhodi KyleNatalie 

   biscuitsbiscuits 2   

 SimoneIsabella Ayrius

KG's Self Portraits






















Our 5C Buddies

We love spending time with our buddies in 5C. Here are a few pictures we took while we participated in 'Clean up Australia Day' as well as some 'getting to know you' activities.

Boys and binsDaniel