6 Blue

Teacher- Mrs Waugh (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Smith (Thursday, Friday)

Term Two News

Term Two was a very busy term in 6 Blue. The students have been developing their organisation, time management and independence skills as they prepare for high school next year. They also had a wonderful time undertaking the peer support program in Term Two and demonstrated their leadership skills throughout this program. Please read more about the wonderful experiences and learning opportunities that took place in 6 Blue during Term Two.

The students studied a science unit from the Earth and Space content area focussed on Natural Disasters. They learnt about the sudden geological changes that can affect the Earth's surface including earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, droughts, fires and cyclones. The students described how these natural disasters affect the surface of the Earth, how discoveries or inventions have increased scientific knowledge and how people can best prepare for and manage natural disasters. They loved the hands on scientific experiments including making their own erupting volcano and building and replicating the effects of an earthquake. The students enjoyed this unit and were very keen on participating in all scientific investigations.


We continued our work with Sphero Balls during Term Two. The students loved learning to code these robotic balls and were very clever in using the IPad to control the Sphero. They were able to use a variety of functions within the app and can now drive the Sphero ball, change it's colour, increase the speed and control the ball to perform tricks. The students were also very enthusiastic about using the Sphero balls to code them through a course they had designed. The children were able to be creative and critical thinkers when engaging with this technology to achieve wonderful results.



What a wonderful and productive term we have had in Year Six. We look forward to next term and continuing our learning journey.

 Term One News

During Term One the students were very busy settling into their final year of Primary school. The children have provided wonderful examples of leadership and been great role models for the younger students in our school. The routines and structures were quickly established and the boys and girls have been working hard to achieve their best each and every day. Below are some photos which showcase some of the wonderful experiences we had in Term one.


In Science the students studied a unit called 'Light Me Up'. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about electrical circuits and how they work and were very engaged in testing different objects to classify them as conductors or insulators of electricity. Using the hands on equipment was lots of fun as they explored open and closed circuits. 

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We have thoroughly enjoyed our buddies program with K Yellow. Each fortnight we visit our buddy class and spend time with them on a range of activities including art and craft, reading, fine motor skills and we have made some new friendships.







We learnt about Literature circles this term and have all undertaken the roles of artful artist, connector, discussion director, passage master, word wizard, summariser. Using these roles we have been able to explore a range of texts including a number of picture books and some Paul Jennings classics.


We are looking forward to Term Two and all the exciting new learning it will bring.