1/2 Silver

Term 3 is going to be so exciting in 1/2 Silver!!!

Welcome back to all of our lovely students and their families. It was great to see all of your smiling faces and how eager you are to be learners this term. We have so many things to look forward to this term. 

Take a look at what we have managed to do in just 2 days of being back. We started Tri-Skills gymnastics today which we had so much fun doing. We cannot wait until next week again. We are also excited about our Athletics carnival on Thursday of week 1 and the Open Day on Monday of week 3.

We started our new explicit number facts drills and are focussing on not only friends of 10, friends of 20 but also double numbers. We have already improved our accuracy and time in just a day. We even have 5 more questions to answer compared to last term.

b cef


h Look at how awesome we are with our movements and balance! We had fun rolling, jumping and balancing on the parallel bars and the trampoline today.







Term 1 News

Wow! What a busy time we have had in Term 1. Students were busy getting use to their new classroom, making new friends and learning all about the new routines as a year 1 or year 2 student.

The first few weeks students of our class were reminding each other about our school PBL rules of Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being Learners. They worked hard to express and put together what these rules meant for them individually and how it would look in our classroom.

Just recently for Harmony day our class contributed to the wonderful tree display and discussed what Harmony Day meant to them.

Harmony Day

We also just celebrated our Easter Hat Parade. Everyone loved making their hats leading up to the day. Have a look at some of our creations below.


making hat 1





We ended our last few weeks excitedly as we welcomed Miss Kalamvokis a Prac teacher to our classroom to help with our learning. Miss Kalamvokis will be back with us in week 4 of Term 2. I wish all our 1/2 Silver families a Happy Easter and a safe and relaxing holiday. See you all again on Wednesday 26th April.



Term 2 has begun!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday break. We are in for a very busy term and there are a lot of exciting things happening this term.

We had some great class success in Week 2 of the term during the Cross Country with Isabella getting a second place ribbon in her race, Tia coming third and Boyd also coming second in the boys Yr 2 race. Congratulations to all our peers. We are very proud of you.

 boyd tia


Students had a great time last Thursday during Cape Day to launch the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Super heroes of Hammondville. They enjoyed making their own Super hero masks.