Welcome Families to our 2Z Page!!!!

We had such a busy first term and had so many opportunities to share things about each other and our families through our Unit Families Past and Present. We also had a wonderful time investigating all the changes that occur in environment, the night sky, the day time sky and our gardens both at school and homes. Student's particularly enjoyed growing their own Broad Beans and learning about Sunflowers as well.


Term 2

Welcome back students and families to another fun-filled and busy term 2. We have lots of exciting learning to take this place. Our unit for HSIE this term is Workers in the Community. We are going to be making our own slide presentation on a worker in the community for Computing and brushing up and fine tuning our ICT skills.

For Science this term we are going on our very own Schoolyard Safari and exploring all the wonderful creatures that call our school their home.

Sport this term will be focused on Athletics skills and getting ready for the Athletics Carnival. Fitness will focus on games and working together to have fun and keep ourselves fit and healthy.

We are also starting Peer Support this term which we are all very excited about every Friday.

For Maths we are going to be investigating Chance, 2D Shapes, addition and Subtraction and Explicit Number Facts which the students have absolutely enjoyed doing every day.

Enjoy some of our photos below from the first few days of term so far.

Class class