Merry Christmas to everyone.


Congratulations to Harry for doing a 43.90 second handstand today. I am so proud of you!



Homework Overview (pdf 23 KB)

Getting To Knowing You (pdf 25 KB)

Times Tables - Term 2 (pdf 274 KB)

Sentence Writing - T1 W6 (pdf 71 KB)

Sentence Writing - T1 W8 (pdf 51 KB)

Sentence Writing - T1 W10 (pdf 55 KB)

Multicultural Speeches (pdf 24 KB)



x2, x4, x5, x10 Booklet (pdf 708 KB)

x3, x6, x9 Booklet (pdf 574 KB)

x7, x8, x11, x12 Booklet (pdf 730 KB)


Sidney Nolan Inspired Artworks


ElliotEmily M








Eddy the Egg Drop - Science design and make unit

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg DropEgg DropEgg Drop

Egg Drop

Egg Drop



Bonnie...a random dog who visited our class in Term 1



SRC Representatives for 4/5C

Ella  Kiarne


English Work Samples

Our class has been writing imaginative texts about a description of a monster.

Term 1 Week 5: Elliot S (pdf 79 KB) Emily M (pdf 75 KB) Jack J (pdf 63 KB)

Term 1 Week 7: Billy S (pdf 74 KB) Carter M (pdf 81 KB) Elliot S (pdf 62 KB) Emily M (pdf 68 KB) Harry M (pdf 65 KB) Isabelle H (pdf 65 KB) Jai H (pdf 81 KB) Liam O (pdf 77 KB) Maddy N-C (pdf 79 KB) Mitchell S (pdf 61 KB) Peter D (pdf 55 KB) Rachael B (pdf 60 KB) Tahlia C (pdf 64 KB) TeAira R (pdf 77 KB)


Our class has been focusing on capital letters, punctuation and proper nouns in sentence writing.

Term1 Week 3: Rachael Bolger (pdf 47 KB) Tahlia Caddy (pdf 51 KB) Peter Drivas (pdf 50 KB) Isabelle Harun (pdf 54 KB) Jai Horton (pdf 59 KB) Jack Johnston (pdf 54 KB) Emily Matheson (pdf 51 KB) Harry McRorie (pdf 43 KB) Carter Montgomery (pdf 53 KB) Maddy Napata-Clarke (pdf 51 KB) TeAira Rehutai (pdf 47 KB) Billy Smith (pdf 49 KB) Mitchell Smith (pdf 50 KB)


Maths Work Samples

Changing Shapes

Term 2 Week 4:  Emily M (pdf 94 KB) Harry M (pdf 76 KB) Jack J (pdf 62 KB) Rachael B (pdf 64 KB)

Tahlia C (pdf 64 KB) TeAira R (pdf 58 KB)


In addition and subtraction, we have been focusing on mental computation and written calculations.

Term 1 Week 5: Elliot S (pdf 54 KB) Emily M (pdf 59 KB) Harry M (pdf 54 KB) Isabelle H (pdf 46 KB) Jack J (pdf 58 KB) Jai H (pdf 62 KB) Mitchell S (pdf 50 KB) Peter D (pdf 57 KB) Rachael B (pdf 48 KB) Tahlia C (pdf 50 KB) TeAira R (pdf 47 KB)



Children's Book Council of Australia

Children's Book CouncilBook of the Year Short List 2015



Tangrams (pdf 36 KB)